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Ants in my least that is what my mom calls it. The doctor calls it anxiety. A resident of mine asked me what the doctor prescribes for that. I told him, "two jobs and a double major." Its not uncommon for me to go a little stir crazy on days that I have off. You would think with as much as I work I would enjoy every day off I get. But in all actuality, I have began to curse them. Today I had to work my normal 3rd shift job. I found myself anxious in the hours leading up to having to go into work.  I was up and down not able to sleep at all. This is one of the worst feelings in the world. But I am never this anxious on a day/night where I have to go into work.

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Posted on 06:10PM on Nov 2nd, 2012
I just can't stand the feeling of sitting around and not doing anything. It brings on a lot of anxiety. Not sure why or what has brought all of this on.
Posted on 09:11AM on Nov 3rd, 2012
Have you been like this your whole life? Maybe you're just a naturally high strung, gotta keep moving - doing stuff kind of person.
Any thyroid problems?
Posted on 04:18PM on Nov 3rd, 2012
I have not always been like this. Only since I started college. I have been told I have thyroid problems by some doctors and told I do not by others.
Posted on 08:04AM on Nov 5th, 2012
would love to be friended by you !! I like the way you write yourstuff and probably the only blog I will read !!
Posted on 08:40AM on Nov 5th, 2012
Aww thanks Goodman!! I love blogging so far. Better than Facebook I think! So Goodman, lets be friends!! :)
Posted on 07:07PM on Nov 13th, 2012
Yeah! Tell me about it!!!!
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